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Invasive Species (2000-  )

is a work in progress that portrays technology
as the corridor leading us into the next mass extinction.

The visual model is a multi-layered assemblage that wraps its way around the room with only the frame of the gallery entrance(s) disrupting its course. These void(s) are filled each time someone enters or leaves the gallery, providing imagery of global movement and the mingling of eco-systems. Details of the installation include:

The corridor is a continuous run of angle iron that supports the panels to the wall and to each other. Fused into this route are framed sections of concrete meshing, expanded metal, filter screen, etc. Using materials fundamental in modern land conversion to outline the zoning of a landscape, creates destination points that the corridor runs through. The work includes representation of
rural, urban and industrial zones.

The windows are rectangular layers of glass
set in a wooden frame and bound in steel strapping with thousands of screws. The middle layer of glass is shattered, and a sprinkling of genetically modified canola and noxious weed seeds cover the shards and fall into the cracks. The screws and steel strapping represent our attempts in controlling these species through chemical and biological
means. The broken glass reveals that global change is irreversible. These, stacked upon each other like the windows in a computer, define an invasive species as the consequence of technology.

The purpose of this work is to illustrate the way in which our world is evolving: as our bio-diversity diminishes with each extinction, each hole is filled with an invasive species.



2001 Exhibitions

-Vernon Public Art   

    Vernon, BC, Canada
-Kootenay Gallery
    Castlegar, BC, Canada
-Grand Forks Art  

    Grand Forks, BC,
-Nelson Public Art

    Nelson, BC, Canada
-Langham Cultural

    Kaslo, BC, Canada



2002 Exhibitions

-Silverton Gallery
   Silverton,BC, Canada
-Fernie Arts Station
   Fernie,BC, Canada
-Golden Art Gallery
   Golden,BC, Canada



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